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Achieve the required level of water treatment at a fraction of the footprint, investment, and operating cost – usually without the use of chemicals.

Refineries & Petrochemical
Food & Agriculture

Infuse water, ice, and air with ozone that sterilizes in multiple applications in the food industry (seafood, meat products, fruits and vegetables), and prolong shelf life.


Usable water directly from nearly any source to communities that need clean water for citizens, animals and crops. 

Portable, potable water supplies from any water source to municipalities in an emergency or disaster situations.

Emergency & Disaster Relief

Most oil and gas operators dispose of flow-back and produced water in disposal wells. Our low-cost technology can be used to treat the water for reuse or environmentally friendly release.

Oil & Gas

Our Services

Cold Plasma

Cold Plasma destroys biologicals, removes
hydrocarbons below detectable levels, removes particles to 0.01 microns, and removes divalent and heavy metals.

Ozone treatment has the ability to achieve higher levels of disinfection than chlorine and guarantees zero presence of toxic components.

Ozone Treatment

Advanced Oxidation

The patented advanced oxidation processes kill all microorganisms, oxidize some contaminants, coagulate other contaminants, and when combined with ultra-filtration,
effectively treat water to desired


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