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Ron Price

Chief Executive Officer

In 1999, Mr. Price successfully led the effort to create the Dallas ISD Police Department. In 2010, Mr. Price was appointed to the board of directors for the Black Contractors Association. Mr. Price previously served on the board of the Southwest Black Chamber of Commerce. Among his accomplishments, Price has held the posts as president of National Caucus of Young School Board Members, National African American School Board Members, President of the Texas Black Caucus of School Board Members.


Mr. Price served as Bylaws Chair of the Texas Association of School Board Members. In April 2009, he was chosen as the chair-elect of the National Black Caucus of School Board Members Board of Directors at the NSBA Conference in San Diego. Ron. J. Price is a prove community leader in Dallas, state of Texas, and the nation. Prior to joining Genesis as Chief Executive Officer, he was the CEO of M5 Global Partners, LLC, where he specialized in risk assessment & management, governance & compliance, and business strategies to multifaceted government businesses and private & public companies. Mr. Price is a former Superintendent of a School District, Principal of Ronco Supply Group LLC, and former owner of Pizzano's Pizza and Movies. 


Over the past several years Ms. Ryan has helped approximately 600 US, UK and Canadian business men find very lucrative jobs in the Middle East. Ms. Ryan has been the only female working for a large diverse Saudi Arabian business, Hassan A. K. Algahtani Sons Company, handling all the advertising, interviews, processing of visas, and other tasks for their Human Resources department. Projects have been varied and interesting over the years from procurement of US goods to working directly with Aramco, the largest oil company in the world. Working with multi-cultural individuals has given Ms. Ryan great insight, patience and understanding.

Formerly, Ms. Ryan was the majority stockholder of WFI International, Inc. in Houston, Texas. WFI manufactures piping and pressure vessel components. Customers varied from the oil, chemical and nuclear industries to companies that needed an inlet or outlet to pipes of different sizes. Two examples of the diversity of her clientele are a Colgate toothpaste factory and the underground fueling system at the Atlanta airport. Ms. Ryan handled personnel, coordinated employee benefits, legal affairs, insurance matters, convention exhibits, business promotion, west coast sales and was involved daily in all decision making. The company sold and is still in existence today as a division of Bonney Forge.

Cheryl Ryan

Chief Operating Officer

R. Michael Lagow

Chief Administration Officer


Mr. Lagow has over thirty-eight years (38) of experience in the security controls industry, specializing in marketing risk management systems, security integration technologies and security staffing services for the past twenty-one (21) years. During the last ten (10) years, Mr. Lagow developed several business units designed to mitigate and manage various business risks.

Prior to joining Genesis® as its Chief Administration Officer, Mr. Lagow served on numerous Boards and held several Officer/Director positions. He built seven (7) businesses serving the risk market. Most recently, Mr. Lagow served as President of M5 Global Partners, a risk mitigation company. Mr. Lagow spearheaded DEUXIGN, a Texas based public relations and marketing firm. He still holds interests in that company as it continues to build its book of business promoting risk mitigation and security products companies. After the downing of the World Trade Center in New York in 2001, where he was involved in the identity and access control systems implementation, and served on various Boards with Marvin Bush and General Abramson, Mr. Lagow returned to Dallas, Texas and founded SYSTEMSgroup and its operating subsidiaries, SGI Protective Services and SYSTEMSgroup Protective Services, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. He remained president of each company, until he sold the business units into a public company in June of 2005.

Jeff Soward

Chief Technology Officer


Jeff Soward, is President and Co-founder of ARANA Water Technologies LLC and has achieved a lifetime in business management and entrepreneurial growth in technology-driven arenas. Mr. Soward founded and operated a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) phone company, named USCom, in Corpus Christi in 1998 and successfully owned and operated this company until 2009. In 2008, Mr. Soward grew an industrial construction and service company, Valiant Petroleum, from six to over three hundred and fifty employees in eight months, and Mr. Soward sold this company in 2010 to pursue technology development.

In 2011, Mr. Soward began assembling the best in several fields of water treatment, plasma physics, and engineering to create the foundation of what is now ARANA Water Technologies, LLC, formed in 2012. Mr. Soward, as President of ARANA, is involved in all aspects of the company - technology development, legal, accounting, construction, R&D, sales and marketing, contract negotiations, and shall remain President of ARANA and Chief Technology Officer of Genesis® as the firm grows into a worldwide water company.

Gary Bagnall

Vice President

Mr. Bagnall, co-founder, is a second-generation petroleum engineer and is a valuable contributor in technical knowledge and expertise in the petroleum industry for ARANA® and Genesis®, and for continued research and development (R&D) and field trials.

Mr. Bagnall graduated Texas A&M University with a degree in petroleum engineering in 1976 and is the owner of Bagnall Engineering in Victoria, TX.

Chief Marketing Officer


William R. Hood (Billy) is the owner of Billy Hood & Associates, Inc. a (25) year Certified Roofing Contractor (1992-Current) for Texas and Louisiana States. Certified CCRC - Mr. Hood's marketing profile includes prestigious liaisons as The NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association - founded 1865) as a 3-Year Chair (2011-2014) for The Government Relations and The Roof-Pac Committee(s). Mr. Hood also served 2-Term President Chair for RCAT (2009-2011 Roofing Chapter Association of Texas - Houston). The marketing duties included Community services, Industry registration, Certification classes and Industry updates.

Mr. Hood is very instrumental in the Marketing pursuit of New Cool Roof Technologies and energy guideline requirements. Marketing Cool Roof Assemblies for Energy Reduction and to lower the cost cycle relative to the commercial roofing industry. Mr. Hood served on the inaugural Uniflex Contractors Council (2011-2013) marketing Cool Roofs. Mr. Hood provided executive personal assistance to the Mayor of Houston, Bill White, during the Hurricane Ike event 9-13-08. As President Chair of RCAT, Hurricane Ike presented the opportunity to market the mandatory registration and to establish an accountability format to the heavily damaged City of Houston, Texas, for Hurricane Team Response.

William R. Hood
Rich Boisture

Executive VP, Refining & Petrol Chemical

2015-Present Marathon Petroleum Company. Findlay, OH Advanced Senior Project Manager

Led a multi-disciplined project team of 12 through project development, front end engineering and risk analysis of $1.85 B brownfield Butane to Alkylate Project Led a business and engineering alignment effort to ensure that the project scope and objectives met the business opportunity. Responsible for developing effective contracting strategies to maintain expedited schedule and drive overall cost down. Oversaw 100+ personnel at the contract EPC firm. Prepared and presented project updates to Company Executives


Vice President Global Business Development, Aribio Inc (South Korean Corporation)

Specialized in new drug development and supportive care including cancer vaccines, cancer compounds, adult stem-cell technology and three-dimensional cell expansion.


Vice President, Regenetech Inc., Co-founder and on the Board of Directors Utilized NASA Space Technology to expand adult stem-cells and the production of Human Biomolecules. Regenetech scientist adapted a technology designed for use in space to function in earth’s atmosphere. Inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame in 2011.

Chief Business Officer

H. Lee Murphy III
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