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The Genesis System uses four patents for water and industrial wastewater treatment resulting in a chemical-free, low energy technology. The processes used are advanced oxidation, coagulation, and ultra-filtration. 

The Genesis System will:

  • Save millions in operating costs

  • Provide a smaller, more reliable, and more thorough cleaning system

  • Operate in a green manner with no harmful chemicals 

The Genesis System

About Us

  • A quarter of the worlds population is without safe drinking water.

  • Less than 1% of the water treated by public water systems is used for drinking and cooking.

  • Water makes up 75% of the human brain. 75% of trees are also made from water!

  • 500,000 tons of pollutants pour into lakes and rivers each day in the US alone.

  • 1 Gallon (approx 5 litres) of oil can cause an eight-acre oil slick if spilled or dumped down a storm sewer!

  • 97% of the worlds water is salty or otherwise undrinkable, 2% is stored in glaciers and the ice caps, the remaining 1% is left for humanity’s needs.

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