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Genesis Research & Technology Group

Committed to providing clean reusable water without chemicals for our world's population.

Technology for the World

Chemical free cold plasma technology is the new benchmark in the removal of toxins and microbes for all water sources.

Petrochemical • Municipal • Emergency • Consumables


Our Story

GR&T provides custom state of the art technology to clean and purify all levels of water. Our specialized technicians deliver a proprietary technology to any location and can be custom built for a fraction of the industry cost.


What We Do

GR&T uses proprietary technology that is raising the standards for purification of our most precious resource: WATER. Our wide variety of custom equipment and services can make any project more complete and energy efficient for the WORLD.


Returning chemical free water into the environment is pivotal in the Genesis model. Chemicals, bacteria, and microbes are coagulated and filtered to return to a GREEN environment.


Patented “Green” Technologies allow municipalities to sterilize water and remove ammonia at a fraction of the cost of industry standards. Genesis has crafted a minimal footprint and maximum scalability in an ever changing world.


Disposable wells are antiquities in the Genesis model and we recognize water is our most precious commodity. Patented technology can easily release the water back into the environment both safely and cost effectively for all users.

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“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.” 

-- Jacques Cousteau 

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